Rex’s Monday Game Review Dan Leberfeld

Here are some of Rex Ryan’s random thoughts about the Jets win over the Colts –

“It was good to watch the tape knowing the ending, so I felt a little better about it.

“The thing that I’m really encouraged with is, you see the efforts we’ve made on the practice field, and you saw better results this past week.

“The way we ran the football, and getting Shonn (Greene) going, you see that kind of lift that it brings your entire football team. I said it before, when your big back gets rolling like that, it picks up the whole team. Obviously a huge day for Shonn Greene.

“It all starts up front with the way the line blocked, of course. I was proud of the way our tight ends were blocking. You see Jeff Cumberland coming on and Dustin Keller. That was about a good a game blocking as I’ve seen Dustin have. He he did a tremendous job for us with blocking in space.

“(We) [didn’t throw] it a whole lot, but that’s fine when you’re able to run it the way we were. Again, I was really happy with that. I thought our protection was good.

“On defense, we were able to get a lead and get that pass rush turned up a little bit. It was good to see. Antonio Allen gets his first sack. (Quinton) Coples, I think could have been in on three of them. They had an intentional grounding and then he was in on two others. Muhammad Wilkerson had the type of game that we have been expecting from Mo, just a dominant performance. I think he was in on seven or eight tackles, had a sack, a forced fumble, a couple of tipped passes, so obviously a strong game there.

“(Antonio) Cromartie, you have to single him out. He had the two touchdowns, interceptions for touchdowns, both of them called back. The one, he had his hand on Reggie (Wayne) a little bit too long and made a great interception, but he doesn’t need to do that. (He needs) to let his athleticism handle it. Once we start getting out of those penalties, I think the sky is the limit for him. He’s doing a really great job. He’s really picked up the way he’s mentoring the younger corners and all the defensive backs for that matter.”