Rex’s opening monologue Dan Leberfeld

Here is some of Rex Ryan’s opening monologue from his press conference today –

“I think you see the guys are flying around.

“(They are doing a) good job at competing against each other and that’s how it’s been throughout the OTAs. That’s good to see.

“We want to be more multiple this year on defense. (We are going to) try to create a little more confusion where you don’t necessarily know exactly what we’re in.

“We lined up off-sides a couple times today. One cost us a touchdown, so we’ve got to make sure we’re doing the little things. It’s easy to say dismiss it but you’ve got to correct it. So, that’s something we have to get better at.

“I saw that Deacon Jones passed. That’s obviously unfortunate. What a tremendous player. You talk about one of the really true pass rushers in the history of the game. A double-head slap, a lot of things outlawed. I think as a football fan, a lot of people are going to miss him.”