Rex’s opening monologue Craig Thomas

Rex Ryan’s opening monologue today in his press conference –

“After watching the film again, we still won, so I think that’s the main thing. It was really what we thought it was. We had some good moments. Our correction period (today) went a little longer than what we normally do. Clearly, with our scheme, our communication, we have to do a much better job.

“You have to give Dallas credit. They gave us some problems, both schematically and with their personnel. Anytime you can make corrections and find a way to win is a good thing. All the focus is on you and how we’re going to fix it.

“As far as injuries looked, (there is) nothing huge. I expect everybody to practice. Now, I want to show you guys, this is a typical list of after a game (holds up sheets of paper). When you play a physical football game, this is what your treatment list looks like. That’s over two pages of treatments. That’s what happens in a typical game and that’s only the first game of the year. It shows it was obviously a physical game, a lot of bumps and bruises and guys getting tired.

“Today, we show the tape, we get our corrections done, we have recovery lifts, as we call it, then we go out and we have corrections. They have Tuesday off, but we like to get them in here and move them around a little bit, get some of that general soreness out and also watch the tape, get the game behind us and get the corrections in.

“When you move on to Wednesday, then it’s full speed ahead (with the players).”