Rex’s opening statement Dan Leberfeld

Here are some of Rex’s random thoughts from the beginning of his press conference today –

“Guys (were) flying around (and) taking care of each other, but the competition has been good.

“I like the speed with how we’re playing, in particular on defense. I think we look fast.

“The physical skills of our players are one thing, but I like the way the communication is going on defense. We did have one major hiccup. I think we turned a guy loose. Other than that, it’s going really well.

“We got a lot of stuff [installed] on defense and I think we’re really ahead of the game that way and they’re playing fast. That’s where I really want to return to our roots, playing fast, the type of tempo we play with, the type of mentality and dictate more to the offense than the other way around.

“I think at some point (last year) I felt that we kind of worried about match-ups more than having the offense worry about the match-ups we present on defense, so we’re trying to [reverse] that a little bit more.

“[On offense], we have a ton of different personnel groupings out there, four-wides, five-wides, a tight end, two tight ends, two receivers. So, that’s been fun.

“This is the first day we were in the red zone in the seven-on-seven. The good news is we threw the two touchdown passes. The bad news is both were deflected. We’ll take that.

“You expect the defense, obviously, to be ahead right now. They are.

“We have some of our receivers sidelined, obviously (Santonio) Holmes. Stephen Hill came back, so that’s good to see. Hopefully we’ll have (Clyde) Gates back soon because he was looking good.

“We’re progressing along. We’re firing a lot of stuff at them. The challenge to these guys is as you install you have to remember (it). You can’t install something and it goes through one ear and everything else goes out the other. It’s not about the three or four plays that you’re putting in, but you have to remember all the other ones. I think they’ve done a pretty good job of that.”