Rex’s random thoughts on OTA practice Craig Thomas

Here are Rex’s random thoughts from the open OTA practice on Wednesday –

“With the David Garrard situation, obviously there’s still some paperwork that needs to be done, we understand that he’s put in for retirement and I would like to comment on him at the appropriate time when all the paperwork is in.

“With (Mike) Goodson, the organization has already issued a statement on Mike, so I will just leave it at that.

“Other than, we will talk about practice. Obviously, the defense is much further ahead than the offense, which is to be expected.

“We’re kind of throwing the kitchen sink at the offense and I think that’s good. I think when you just don’t put up one coverage, one front and all that because that’s not realistic of the National Football League. So, we’re letting them know right now, a lot of stuff, we’re going to throw everything at you, and hopefully by the time we get to the real games, it’s all going to look easy to them.

I was not happy with how many times we turned the ball over, I believe (we had) four interceptions and a fumble. Clearly, there were a lot of good things, especially in seven-on-seven period, but when it was more the team, some of it looked like a Chinese fire drill.

“Quite honestly, there were some defenses that we played that really aren’t in the playbook. That’s kind of what you get early on when you have young guys, but you can do 90 percent really good things, but if you do 10 percent poor things, you’re going to get beat in this league. And those are the things we have to get better at.

“We traded out a (LaRon) Landry for a (Dawan) Landry. Dawan was with me for a couple years in Baltimore, and quite honestly, he’s taken off from where we left each other five years ago. (He is) really a smart guy and really is running that show back there.  So, he’s been impressive.

“I like the way our defensive line (looked). We put in a different group where (Sheldon) Richardson was on the nose (tackle). We had (Quinton) Coples and Mo (Wilkerson) at defensive line and got (Antwan) Barnes on the field with Calvin Pace, so that’s something we can do also.”