Rex’s thoughts on Sanchez Dan Leberfeld

Here are Rex Ryan’s thoughts on his third-year quarterback, Mark Sanchez –

“think from a numbers standpoint, I think we’ve been better in the red zone, which I think is attributed to Mark really knowing our system and knowing defenses. I think he is better that way.

“I think he’s getting better with Plaxico and they’re learning each other.

“I’m proud that Mark is our quarterback. I think he’s done a great job. I wish we’d win more games and I think that’s the ultimate judge in how good a quarterback is. What is his record? I think if you start there, you get a good gauge of a quarterback. Because I think that’s the position, [like] a point guard on a basketball team. (If) you find a guy like Magic Johnson, the Lakers won a [many] games and he was probably the main guy.

“I think Mark is an outstanding quarterback, and again, I like the guys that win. And I think Mark is a winner. We’ve won a lot of games. Have we won the big one yet? No. We haven’t won the big one yet. I think if we do, then maybe everybody will look at Mark in a different light.

“I think he’s a terrific quarterback. The thing that you’re excited about is that when you get that right, when you draft the right guy to lead your franchise, that usually is a good sign for you for 10 years. And I think we have the right guy.”