Rexxy checks in – Part II Craig Thomas

Q)What has been the key to Mark Sanchez cutting down on picks the last three games?
Ryan: I just think his preparation has been outstanding.  I think the way we’ve practiced these last three weeks has been exceptional.  Everybody is holding each other accountable.   I think the offensive line has done an absolutely tremendous job these past few weeks.
The challenge in front of our offensive line this week (is) this team leads the league in sacks per pass.  We have to control those pass rushers and, obviously, that’s no easy task for sure.

Q)What is your plan for Brandon Moore in practice? 

Ryan: I think maybe, moving forward, because he did come out of (the Kansas City game) well, which is great. We’ll limit him on Thursday and maybe get him full speed on Friday.  That’s kind of the plan that I have for him right now.
Q)Will you pick your brother’s brain about the Eagles? 
Ryan: I’ll certainly talk to my brother. I don’t know if he’ll be answering the phone or anything after what happened (against the Giants). But his defense is a lot different than our defense. They’re not even close to being the same style of defenses. His personnel is different than our personnel. I may talk to him about some things.