Rob Turner on his broken leg Craig Thomas

“It’s just a matter of how fast my leg responds to what they give. They’re not going to rush me back on the field, but when (my leg’s) ready, I’ll be back and ready to go.
“I’m working out, watching extra film, helping break down some extra film, so the other guys that are getting ready for the games, they have a little bit more film to watch as far as pass rush, maybe moves that guys use on third down to give them an edge.
“Anything I can do that keeps me in the mental swing of things, as well as helping them out. That’s the kind of stuff I’m doing, past the rehabbing and working out stuff.
“I felt it pop when I got rolled up on, but I took two steps and I actually felt the bone shift in my leg, and that’s when I sat down and tapped my helmet, because I knew something was broken.”