Roger Goodell on the Pro Bowl’s future Dan Leberfeld

At the NFL Owner’s Meeting in Arizona, there was a symposium on how to improve the Pro Bowl.

“We spoke yesterday about the Pro Bowl and about where we were,” Roger Goodell said. “It included a report on player participation, ratings, attendance, the financials of the game and what we thought we could do.

“Again, I put a particular emphasis here on players – both individually to me and also with our staff – have really come up with very creative ideas. One was the idea of the players being selected as they have been in the past, but the teams would be decided by a draft that could be done with a captain. To use an example from this past year: we talked about Peyton Manning picks one team and Eli Manning picks the other. We think some of that is going to create greater interest.

“[The players] clearly made a very positive effort in the way they played the game this year. We are planning and we will play a game in Hawaii next year.”