Rontez Miles catches Rex’s attention Dan Leberfeld

One of the Jets’ better undrafted free agent signings was safety Rontez Miles from California University of Pennsylvania.

He’s very physical, perhaps too physical for a rookie mini-camp (no tackling).

“One thing you can’t take away from him is this dude is aggressive and it will show up more on the special teams factor than it will anything else,” Rex Ryan said. “It’s like, ‘Son we’re not hitting each other right now,” so we have to make sure you’re [protecting teammates], (we) have to really slow him down that way. But I love his mentality (and) I love his aggressiveness.

“When he gets it down mentally, that’s going to let his physical talents stand out, which obviously he has a great deal of. But he is a hitter. There’s no question. That’s what we know on film and it will be interesting how quickly he will pick things up.”