Ryan on-board with Pryor Dan Leberfeld

Jets rookie safety Calvin Pryor recently said on SNY, “We don’t like Tom (Brady) at all. When I first came here, that was one of the first things I heard about: We hate the Patriots. So we hate those guys and I look forward to playing them this season.”

Rex Ryan was asked a slew of questions about Pryor’s comments this week, and here are all his thoughts . . .

“I definitely agree with him (joking),” Ryan said. “Really, you know what, somebody (who’s) in an opposite colored jersey, you don’t want to like them. You respect everybody that you play against but you don’t like any of them. That’s it. Because they’re trying to take something away from you. They’re trying to take victory away from you.

“All that hard work you put into them. So having a dislike for them, I think sometimes is a good thing. I know my brother’s on the other sideline, look, I love him, but on game day (I) can’t stand him. He’s trying to take something from me. That’s kind of a mentality that you take. I think Pryor understands that.

“That’s good. I like it. He knows who the enemy is.

“I don’t know where you get that from (joking). I don’t know where he picked that up from (joking). They’re the ones that we have to beat. We recognize it, as everybody should. They’ve won (the division) 10 out of 11 years. And the only year they don’t win it is the year Brady wasn’t there. So I think that’s obviously your chief rival and you’re biggest enemy.

“You probably respect them more than anybody but you also at the same time, know, you don’t like them. They’ve earned what we’re looking at. That’s to win that division.”