Ryan rather play Delbarton than Rodgers Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan knows what a huge challenge the Jets face this week against Aaron Rodgers.

“Aaron Rodgers has the number quarterback rating in the history of the NFL,” said Ryan. “He has a bazooka as an arm and he’s accurate. He has an arm that can make throws to ever part of the field. This kid combines accuracy with escape-ability.”

As a defensive guru, does Ryan enjoy the challenge of trying to stop a quarterback the caliber of Rodgers?

“I’d like for us to play Delbarton (instead),” Ryan cracked, about a private high school in Morristown.

Ryan expects a better performance from the Green Bay offense this week at home, compared to last week, in the deafening confines of Century Link Stadium.

“A lot of it was driven by crowd noise,” said Ryan. “I think it slowed their tempo down drastically. When Seattle is at home rushing the passer, it’s hard to change your cadence, that’s not fun.”