Huge upside, but don’t put in Canton just yet Dan Leberfeld

Jets coach Robert Saleh knows the player still a lot of work to do.

And he’s probably aware that the hype around Zach Wilson is perhaps a little over the top, at such an early point in his development.

So maybe it’s time to pump the breaks on the effusive praise of the player, as he attempts to learn the whys and wherefores of being an NFL QB.

“There’s going to be so much more to learn, and your best learning comes through adversity and conflict,” Saleh said.

There is only so much you can glean from spring practices, playing touch football, against the same defense every day.

“Obviously OTAs have been feel good, everyone’s excited about everything that’s happening around the organization, (but) until we actually hit adversity will we be able to learn more about each other and how we handle things,” said Saleh.

In other words, they love the potential of the prospect, but chill out a little on the spring hype for a rookie QB, who arrived less than two months ago, and is still honing his skills. 


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