Sam Darnold hits reporter with pass Dan Leberfeld

The same thing happened today which happened last year.

And it’s just as meaningless as it was last year.

There was a report last year of Christian Hackenberg hitting reporters with a couple of passes in Jets spring practices.

The same thing happened today with Sam Darnold. He threw an incompletion toward the sideline where reporters were standing.

The ball bounced off the ground, and went into the section where the reporters were standing.

Same exact thing Hackenberg did last year.

Non-story last year (but it wasn’t).

And a non-story this year.

Sometimes there are incompletions toward the sideline the reporters are standing on. Sometimes they bounce and hit reporters. It happens. It’s like standing on the sideline during a game, and an incompletion hits somebody (player, coach, cameraman) on the stadium sideline.

It means nothing.

Darnold didn’t have the best practice today, but that also means nothing.

He’s a 20-year-old rookie whose just getting started. He’s learning and working the kinks out.