Sanchez leans on T-Rich Dan Leberfeld

The Jets sage fullback, Tony Richardson, has been a big help to Mark Sanchez since Day One.
“As a leader, I rely on him,” Sanchez said. “He was my crutch last year in a lot of situations where he would
give me some advice. He would talk to me about the situation we’re in. He knew during that playoff run I needed to be as sharp as possible, I needed to take care of the football. I learned so much from him. (He is a) selfless guy.
“I don’t know how he does it; he commutes from the city every morning and he’s still the first one there. I
can’t even beat him to the facility. He’s always that early. (He is) so positive. He has a great feel for practice. When days start to lag a little bit, the monotony of camp starts to get to people, he’s the one who can provide a little spark for us. As a fullback, it’s a thankless job. He has a tough job
to do. We’re thrilled to have him. I’m glad he has another year left in him.”