Sanchez speaks – Part II Craig Thomas

Q)What are your thoughts on the offense the last couple of weeks?

Sanchez: I think I was happy we had another opening drive touchdown and set the tone early. And we converted on some big third downs and didn’t (face) too many third downs, which is good, especially early in the game. We had some explosive plays.

Q)Your thoughts on the running game . . .

Sanchez: The running game really took off. I thought up front, Brandon Moore had probably one of his best games. He looked great. Those guys did a great job. We made some big plays in the pass game, but we really relied on our running game [against Kansas City], and that was great. It’s a quarterback’s best friend.

Q)The screen game worked very well . . . 

Sanchez: Some of the screens were out of different sets and personnel, but they’re a fast-flow defense, they rush the passer very well and some of that misdirection stuff can get those guys if you have the right timing. And we did. The offensive linemen got out in the screen game. They’re like long handoffs, and that’s the way we treat them.