Sanchez thinks going back to Cortland will help Craig Thomas

The Jets didn’t train at SUNY-Cortland last summer due to logistical issues related to the lockout.

But their training camp will be back at the school this summer, and Mark Sanchez thinks that is a good thing.

“I think training camp up in Cortland is a big help,” Sanchez said. “I think when you go back to your dorm and all your buddies from the locker room are in there, it’s got that college feel to it.

“Cortland is where you really bond with those guys, you learn about them, you know how many kids they have, what colleges they went to. You know anything – what allergies people have. It’s important. As little as that stuff might seem, it goes a long way. It really does. When guys really get to know each other and care about each other, they want to protect each other on the field, off the field, they just want to be there for each other.”