Santonio Holmes on why he doesn’t like FieldTurf Dan Leberfeld

Santonio Holmes isn’t a big fan of FieldTurf, the artificial surface used at MetLife Stadium, and at many other venues, including Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

“I don’t like playing on FieldTurf,” Holmes said today. “I’d rather play on grass. We have to deal with playing on field turf and practice on it a few days before playing in our game, so I kind of got a good feel for it.

“It’s just not real. It doesn’t feel the same. It’s totally different from grass. It’s unexplainable to a person who (doesn’t) perform on the field like we do. The grass feels better, softer on the feet. But to run on rubber pellets and things like that is just totally not acceptable for what we, as football players, (who) grew up playing on solid grass and now we’re playing on something totally different.”

You could certainly understand a player, coming off a broken foot, having issues with fake grass. His surgical foot can’t feel great on it.