Schwartz insults Tannenbaum again Dan Leberfeld

Neil Schwartz needed to circumvent Mike Tannenbaum and get to Rex Ryan to get a deal done with Darrelle Revis. The announcement was made by Manish Mehta.

Schwartz, told Mehta, it was a late night meeting between the agent and coach that helped get the contract done.

“I think he now understood where we were coming from,” Schwartz said. “I’m not saying he agreed with it. He just saw it from a different perspective. That was the first of the chain of events that prompted this deal to get done/ I truly believe that. It opened up the logjam. It got us back on the right track, because now everyone understood where everyone was at. . . . It got everyone focused.”

So basically Schwartz is saying that Mike Tannenbaum wasn’t telling Ryan the truth about the proposals so he needed to do it himself.