Scott is right about double-standard Dan Leberfeld

Bart Scott thinks there is a double-standard in the New York media. He feels the Jets are treated differently than the Giants.

“I didn’t like the personal attacks,” Scott said on Showtime. “A quick example now is the media following Rex (Ryan, Jets head coach) down to the Bahamas. I mean, who does that?… I can’t imagine them going out and catching (New York Giants head coach) Tom Coughlin laid out, following him. We are in the same town but we are covered differently (than the Giants).”

There is no question about that.

The media treats the Giants with more respect.

Part of that are four Super Bowl rings, including two recent championships.

But that isn’t the only reason.

The Jets organization also puts up with stuff from media the Giants just won’t tolerate.

And this needs to change.