Scott rips Goodell Dan Leberfeld

Bart Scott was on the panel of Jim Rome’s show on Showtime this week, and was very critical of Roger Goodell.

Rome: “(NFL Commissioner) Roger Goodell has never been more powerful and he’s gone to great lengths to make the game safe, he settled the concussion lawsuit, yet he continues getting pounded by the players and the fans. Bottom line, is he hurting the sport or helping it?”

Scott: “He’s helping the owners. I don’t think he cares about the players. Everybody says, ‘Oh, athletes knew concussions and this. Nobody knew the long-term effects of concussions or what happened.  That’s why we didn’t have protocol in place.  We used to call it getting dinged.  You get dinged and it was a badge of honor to get out there and run back out there.  They don’t care.  They look at us as a piece of meat.  Somebody has to be the bad guy.  Goodell doesn’t mind being the bad guy.  That’s why the owners pay him over $20 million dollars a year, to be the bad guy so that they can look like the good guy.  But they don’t care.

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