Are they really going to see what they have in Geno? Dan Leberfeld

I keep hearing the Jets should play Geno Smith to see what they have, so they can make a decision on whether he’s the answer.

That is a flawed argument.

Geno Smith is only 24.

So often it takes years for the light bulb to go for NFL quarterbacks.

Terry Bradshaw really didn’t come into his own until his late 20’s.

Guys like Rich Gannon, Jim Plunkett, Vinny Testeverde did some of their best work in their 30’s.

So let’s say Smith doesn’t play well down the stretch this year in just his second year, does that tell you he can never be good?


This is unfair.

He is so young.

He came out of gimmicky college offense, and shouldn’t have been handed the car keys so quickly. He needed so much work on his mechanics and footwork coming out of West Virginia.

He was rushed.

He’s still a major work-in-progress.

This idea that they are now going to see if he’s the answer, down the stretch of just his second year, is short-sighted.

He still has so much to work on.

So I’m not sure John Idzik and Woody Johnson and truly going to “see what they have.”