Sherman on growing up in Compton, CA Dan Leberfeld

Tempe – Seattle Seahawks star CB Richard Sherman grew up in Compton, California.

He will be the first to admit it’s a city with some rough areas, and presented some challenges during his childhood.

“Growing up in Compton, you just deal with different things than I guess a regular neighborhood would deal with,” Sherman said. “You deal with a lot more adversity, a lot more different pressures I guess? Adversity, different things, diversity, different people trying to pull you in different directions.

“I didn’t realize every place wasn’t like that until you leave, until you leave and you visit other neighborhoods and you realize that other neighborhoods don’t just have drug dealers around and crack addicts walking down the street, and violence on a daily basis, police helicopters and things roaming around. Once you learn that, you’re kind of grateful for that environment in which you were brought up because you know if you can survive there, you can survive anywhere.”