Should the Jets give Marrone final say? Dan Leberfeld

Former Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone is a serious candidate for the same job with the Jets.

But should he also be a serious candidate to oversee the team’s personnel decisions?

In Buffalo, Marrone butted heads with Bills GM Doug Whaley.

He clearly didn’t like some of the moves Whaley made.

Somebody, likely from Marrone’s camp, leaked to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, that Marrone wasn’t in favor of the Bills’ blockbuster draft day trade for WR Sammy Watkins. The Bills had to give up their 2015 #1 pick to make the deal.

So this begs the question – should the Jets give Marrone final say on personnel matters in order to secure his services?

Surely, he would want that power, and perhaps could use this chip as a negotiating tool.

But is he a good enough candidate to get this kind of Belichickian control?