Should the Jets go back on “Hard Knocks?” Dan Leberfeld

No team has committed to “Hard Knocks,” yet.

And Daily News sports media critic Bob Raissman thinks the Jets should do an encore.

“NFL Films [is] having problems getting a team to commit,” wrote Raissman in Saturday’s paper. “This is ridiculous. It only takes one team to say ‘yes’ to set the wheels in motion. And after all the attention the Jets received last season, at a time when Woody Johnson was looking to sell PSLs and tickets, there is no doubt one club will want in.

“Especially in the wake of how the labor situation eventually gets resolved. What better way to spread good vibes with your fans than show players, coaches and team management again coming together in training camp after settling their differences.

“Of course the big question (duh) is when will this happen? NFL Films is now officially in uncharted waters. They have no way of knowing when – or even if – training camp will open. So, when the players return it becomes a matter of timing and logistics, getting the crew together and preparing to start the cameras rolling.

“It would help, if NFL Films honchos are forced to go into a “Hard Knocks” hurry-up mode, to focus on a team they are familiar with (hint). And although the Jets, and Rex Ryan have stated Gang Green would not make a return appearance this summer, some situations are made for changing.”