Should the media matter? Dan Leberfeld

Should media-skills matter with the Jets’ GM and coach candidates?

That’s a tough question.

Obviously there are more important factors.

A good GM candidate should first-and-foremost be a great judge of talent.

A good head coaching candidate should be a top-shelf strategist, motivator and leader.

But to ignore the media factor totally, in this market, might be a mistake.

Being thin-skinned is a no-no in this media market.

Being combative isn’t a great idea either.

Look, I wish we (the media) weren’t a factor, but we are.

So while it should not be the #1 factor, or maybe even the second or third, it matters.

To ignore this factor is a mistake.

Just ask the Jets’ former GM, who probably wishes he could have a mulligan on this mid-season presser.

The media in this town can help make or break you.

There is no way around that.

So the Jets need to not only hire candidates who can do a great job with the football stuff, which is the most important thing, but also deal adeptly with a very tough media market.