Small hole in Rex’s theory about throwing at Revis Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan says the Jets aren’t going to throw at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Darrelle Revis on Sunday.

“That might be some teams, but I don’t think that’s going to be our philosophy,” Ryan told Newsday. “I can’t even lie and say, ‘Oh, yeah, no, absolutely we’re attacking him.’ I don’t see that happening. We know what kind of talent he is. All Jets fans know what kind of talent he has. If I had my way, he would rest one more week.”

Here is the problem with Ryan’s philosophy about dealing with Revis –

The cornerback is coming off a serious knee injury, and hasn’t played a game since September 23, 2012, when he hurt his knee at Miami.

So nobody knows what “kind of talent he is” right now.

Chances are, in time, he will return to his previous level of play.

But this likely won’t happen immediately.

It would be shocking if he came out on Sunday, and returned to “Revis Island” from the get-go.

Revis could be very rusty in Week One.

The Jets shouldn’t enter this game viewing him as the Revis of old.

He’s probably not there yet.

Right now, nobody knows “what kind of talent” he will be this Sunday, his first game in almost a year.


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