Some coaches pushed back on new ejection rule Dan Leberfeld

The NFL instituted a new rule that calls for the ejection of players after two personal fouls. Some coaches aren’t thrilled with this rule. Here are the thoughts on The Competition Committee’s Rich McKay and Commissioner Roger Goodell on the push back they received . . .

McKay: I think these are spirited discussion. I think this one on sportsmanship in general was very productive, both yesterday and then yesterday afternoon, then again today.

We’ve emphasized sportsmanship in our competition committee report since I’ve been on the competition committee at least five times, if not six. We have made it a point of emphasis every time we felt like it’s beginning to cross the line.

We have not been able to affect sportsmanship in the way we think we need to, so this year we have another section on sportsmanship. We have specific points we are emphasizing on sportsmanship. But we felt like we needed a rule to make sure that the players are held accountable to what we expect them to do and how we expect them to conduct themselves.

Goodell: I think we spoke about this yesterday with all the clubs, brought it back this morning. I think Jeff Fisher said it the best, he started off the meeting this morning saying, listen, as coaches we’re responsible for making sure we coach our players, control our players, and sportsmanship is a key component of that.

Second, coach made it very clear that while we’ve had points of emphasis in the past in the competition committee, they need teeth. This was a rule that brought teeth to that. It brought an opportunity for the rules to reflect the emphasis that I think everybody in the membership feels, and particularly the competition committee, sportsmanship is important to us. It’s important to our players, it’s important to our teams, and it’s important to our fans.