Some more thoughts from Tim Tebow Dan Leberfeld

Q)How would you access your performance?

Tebow: I felt like we did some things pretty well as an offense. I felt like there were things that we need to improve on. I felt like personally, I did some things pretty well. Obviously, I want that last throw back. It was a very good play by their linebacker. I felt like we got in and out of some checks pretty well. I felt like we had good field position a few times and we moved the ball, but you want to be able to capitalize with touchdowns.

Q)How did you feel in the pocket throwing the ball?

Tebow: I felt good in the pocket. From the first play, checking to the slant. Going hot to Joe (McKnight), to the one to Stephen (Hill). It felt pretty good. The one that I felt like I really wanted back was the last play to Jeff (Cumberland). One, we are in the red zone, so there is no reason to force it. I tried to put it low and outside, but that was a heck of a catch by that kid (Vontaze Burfict), and that was just a stupid play by me.

Q)Did you just try and zip it in?

Tebow: I tried to put it low and outside, but the kid was undercutting it the whole time and their corner was behind it, so I should have tried to check it down to Joe (McKnight) on the swing route or tried to ground it or make a play running it. It wasn’t a good decision by me.

Q)How did your delivery and throwing motion feel out there?

Tebow: I feel like I’m getting better every day. I felt like today was one more stride to getting better. I felt like my timing and rhythm was pretty good for the most part. Besides that last one, which I should have gone to my check down or ran it, that was probably the only one I was late on with rhythm, and it got me in trouble.

Q)You seemed pretty amped after that long run . . .

Tebow: Sometimes I just get excited. I love playing the game of football. I know as a quarterback, you want to have ice water in your veins in the calm before the storm, but I’m an excited, passionate football player. All pregame I am excited and ready to go play. That’s just me. That’s who I am. So, sometimes I just have to let it out a little bit.