Some quick thoughts Dan Leberfeld

The New England Patriots pass defense entered the game as the NFL’s worst.

And the Jets made them look like the NFL’s best.

If you can’t take advantage of a 32nd-ranked secondary, sans their best cornerback (Devin McCourty) who was hurt early in the game, you have a problem.

“This offense is tough to watch,” said one long-time NFL writer about the Jets.

The Jets defense wasn’t great, and their offensive line was inconsistent, but the biggest problem was the play at quarterback.

The Jets quarterback is too inconsistent and struggles reading defenses. This game was a case-in-point.

If his first read isn’t open, it seems like his mind starts racing and his feet start pattering.

The Jets need to get back to “ground-and-pound” and playing good defense. Mix in some safe, conservative passes along the way.

That is their meal ticket.

Take as much pressure off the quarterback as possible.