Sparano makes it fun? Craig Thomas

Believe it or not, new Jets’ offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, a taskmaster, can also be fun to play for.

“I think Coach Sparano tries to make it fun, as crazy as that might sound,” Mark Sanchez said. “He does remind us to put a hop in our step, to play fast, to study the night before so we know what to do. When it happens right, you kind of look around with a quick smile, and it feels nice. It feels good when guys are on the same page, guys are excited. If we make a play, great, if not, come back and move on and get the next one.

“I think that positive attitude, just putting each play behind you, his command, his ability to keep guys focused, it’s been good for us. We’re having a good time, I told you it sounds crazy. He wants to keep it fun, and it can be fun when we do it right. We can do a lot of great things with this offense, but we have to do it right and we have to hold each other accountable.”