Special offer for Jets and Steelers fans at the Hall of Fame Dan Leberfeld


CANTON, OHIO – The Pro Football Hall of Fame is inviting Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets fans traveling to Pittsburgh this weekend to experience “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!” The Steelers take on the Jets this Sunday (Oct. 9) at 1:00 p.m. on Heinz Field. Pittsburgh is just a two-hour car ride from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Any Steelers or Jets fan dressed in their team’s gear who mentions the promotion at the Hall’s box office will receive a $5 discount on regular price adult, senior, or child museum admission. The promotion runs from Friday, Oct. 7 through Monday, Oct. 10. The Hall of Fame is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For additional information about visiting the Hall of Fame, please visit: www.ProFootballHOF.com/visit/.

The Steelers have 21 longtime members enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame – the third most by any current NFL franchise after the Chicago Bears (27) and the Green Bay Packers (24). Longtime Pittsburgh players include: JEROME BETTIS (Running Back, 1996-2005, Class of 2015), MEL BLOUNT (Cornerback, 1970-1983, Class of 1989), TERRY BRADSHAW (Quarterback, 1970-1983, Class of 1989), JACK BUTLER (Cornerback, 1951-59, Class of 2012), DERMONTTI DAWSON (Center, 1988-2000, Class of 2012), BILL DUDLEY (Halfback, 1942, 1945-46, Class of 1966), JOE GREENE (Defensive Tackle, 1969-1981, Class of 1987), JACK HAM (Linebacker, 1971-1982, Class of 1988), FRANCO HARRIS (Running Back, 1972-1983, Class of 1990), JOHN HENRY JOHNSON (Fullback, 1960-65, Class of 1987), WALT KIESLING (Coach, 1937-1944, 1954-56, Class of 1966), JACK LAMBERT (Linebacker, 1974-1984, Class of 1990), BOBBY LAYNE (Quarterback, 1958-1962, Class of 1967), CHUCK NOLL Coach, 1969-1991, Class of 1993), ART ROONEY (Founder-Owner, 1933-1988, Class of 1964), DAN ROONEY (Administrator-Owner, 1955-Present, Class of 2000), JOHN STALLWORTH (Wide Receiver, 1974-1987, Class of 2002), ERNIE STAUTNER (Defensive Tackle, 1950-1963, Class of 1969), LYNN SWANN (Wide Receiver, 1974-1982, Class of 2001), MIKE WEBSTER (Center, 1974-1988, Class of 1997), and ROD WOODSON (Cornerback-Safety, 1987-1996, Class of 2009).

Six other Hall of Famers spent a minor portion of their Hall of Fame careers with the Steelers, including: BERT BELL, LEN DAWSON, KEVIN GREENE, JOHN “BLOOD” McNALLY, MARION MOTLEY, and CAL HUBBARD.

The Hall of Fame Museum has numerous artifacts from the Steelers franchise currently on display. A few notable items include: the gloves worn by GREENE when he sacked BRETT FAVRE on Dec. 24, 1995; a helmet worn by DAWSON during the 1988 season; and a jersey worn by Antonio Brown in 2011 when he became the first player in the NFL to compile both 1,000 receiving yards and 1,000 total return yards in the same season.

The Jets have five longtime members enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They include: WEEB EWBANK (Coach, 1963-1973, Class of 1978), CURTIS MARTIN (Running Back, 1998-2005, Class of 2012), DON MAYNARD (Wide Receiver, 1960-1972, Class of 1987), JOE NAMATH (Quarterback, 1965-1976, Class of 1985), and JOHN RIGGINS (Running Back, 1971-75, Class of 1992).

Additionally, five other Hall of Famers spent a minor portion of their careers with the Jets, including: FAVRE, RONNIE LOTT, ART MONK, BILL PARCELLS, and RON WOLF.

Numerous artifacts of historical significance from the Jets franchise can be found throughout the Hall of Fame museum. They include: a Jets cap worn by EWBANK during the first Monday Night Football game when the Jets played the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 21, 1970; a ticket from the Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings game on Oct. 11, 2010 when FAVRE threw his 500th touchdown pass and surpassed 70,000 career passing yards; and numerous NAMATH rookie cards in the recently opened Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection exhibit.

Hall of Fame Village, a $500 million development of the Pro Football Hall of Fame campus, began in September 2015 and includes significant enhancements to the museum that opened this past summer.

The Hall is now home to an extraordinary cutting-edge, multi-sensory immersive theater, “A Game for Life,” featuring holographic representations of Hall of Fame legends JOE NAMATH, GEORGE HALAS, and VINCE LOMBARDI. The experience provides great inspiration to fans by showing them how the game of football also teaches lessons about life. The stories of numerous Hall of Famers, including JIM KELLY, STEVE LARGENT, ALAN PAGE, JIM BROWN, WARREN MOON and CURTIS MARTIN, are shared.

The Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection exhibit recently opened at the Hall. The exhibit showcases the rarest, highest graded, and most valuable football card collection in the world featuring a rookie card for each Hall of Fame player to date. The most-significant pieces of the 300,000-plus collection that dates back to 1888 are displayed. The collection’s creators are Dan Hunt, President of FC Dallas and son of LAMAR HUNT, the Hall of Fame founder of the American Football League and Kansas City Chiefs; and Robert Casterline from Casterline Goodman Gallery, Partner.

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