Smith has no respect for Jets – will he get guests? Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is in Cortland today to do his TV and radio shows.

I wonder if the Jets will give him all the guests he wants, considering he treats them like garbage.

“For those who were wondering why the Jets seem perpetually draped in second-tier status in New York, look no further than their latest exercise in conspicuous futility,” Smith wrote on “In trading for flawed quarterback Tim Tebow, the Jets not only surrendered fourth- and sixth-round draft picks — plus an additional $2.5 million — they shoved a big chunk of their professional dignity and credibility right out the door along with those viable assets. Let us be clear: Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York is a complete joke. It’s a move so ridiculous, one could laugh openly … if only it were anyone but the New York Jets.”

If I were running a team, and somebody wrote that about my team, they wouldn’t get guests.