Stephen Smith thinks the Jets are a joke Dan Leberfeld

Stephen A. Smith has little or no respect for the Jets.

Yet, they treat him like royalty.

It’s bizarre.

“It’s bad enough Rex Ryan has failed on his Super Bowl predictions,” wrote Smith on “It’s even worse that Mark Sanchez spent so much time last season proving how ridiculous such guarantees were in the first place. But this latest move by the New York Jets in which they’ve basically resorted to their same-old coddling tendencies, rewarding regression instead of progression, just shows this franchise to be the second-class citizen it truly is.

“Perhaps Gang Green will be something more tangible, significant, on another day. But on this day, let it be said the Jets are a joke. When you take the time and effort to reward your quarterback and leader of, arguably, the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise with a three-year, $40.5 million extension — knowing the man still had two years remaining on his contract — clearly, you’re looking to be laughed at.”