Pass rushing more about this than speed? Dan Leberfeld

Many people think it’s more about speed, but a study showed it’s not.

When most people think about dynamic NFL edge rushers, they often think of guys with speed coming off the edge.

But according to a study done by Jets defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton, power rushing leads to more sacks than speed rushing in the NFL.

“When you look at all the sacks in the NFL, the #1 way people get to the quarterback in the NFL is power,” Whitecotton said in the “Flight 2022” documentary.

And Whitecotton gives defensive end Jermaine Johnson, a 2022 first-round pick of the Jets, high marks for his power.

“This guy has it,” Whitecotton said.

And Whitecotton thinks Johnson’s game compares to a very good NFL power rusher.

“His pass rush game reminds me of (New Orleans DE) Cam Jordan,” Whitecotton said. “That dude understands how to rush, how to set guys up and he rushes with power.”


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