Tebow not given fair shake Dan Leberfeld

Look, I’m not putting Tim Tebow in Canton as a quarterback.

He still has a lot to prove.

But you know what, it’s really unfair to say he can’t do it, when he wasn’t given a legitimate chance in any games this year.

Hey, we can all speculate, and say it wouldn’t work out well because of his shaky mechanics, but why not give him a game or two and find out for sure?

This idea that we all have a crystal ball, and know it wouldn’t work out, before it happens, is a little irresponsible.

The last time I checked, Nostradamus died in 1566.

Why couldn’t they let him have the Buffalo game?

What was the Jets’ concern – he’d look good, and then they’d have to keep him, and the media circus that surrounds him?

You know what – it’s time for the Jets, whether they are run by the current cast of decision-makers, or others, to stop worrying about how things look.

Forget about the media, forget about appearance, forget about spin.

Just make football decisions for football reasons.

And how do you make a football decision that Tebow can’t play quarterback, without letting him on the field, in earnest?