Tebow on his passion for football and life Craig Thomas

Last week, Darrelle Revis commented on how passionate Tim Tebow is about football.

What did Tebow think of the Revis’ quote?

“I feel like that’s a compliment, because, that’s just how I live life,” Tebow said. “I want to be passionate, I want to be someone that shows passion, I want to be someone that loves what he does and it’s not because of the money, it’s not because of the fame, it’s not because people know your name, it’s because you love what you do. And when you really love what you do, you’re going to be passionate about it.

“When you’re passionate about it, that’s the only way to become your best.  When you come out [to practice] and you just go through the motions, you’re going to be whatever. However much talent God gave you, that’s how good you’re going to be. But if you’re passionate about it, I feel like you can continue to get better and become your best. I feel like every day, I want to be someone that’s passionate about what I do, about the life I live, then I feel like I will be able to live life to the fullest.”