The 18-game season debate Dan Leberfeld

Linebacker Scott Fujita, who is very involved with the union, tweeted today –  “Roger, enough with the 18 games already. No one’s interested.”

Listen, I understand why many players are against an 18-game season due to the violent, physical nature of the sport.

But this concept that the fans are against it, I’m not totally buying.

Most NFL season ticket holders are forced to buy two preseason games at full price.

As we know, preseason game, for the most part, are a lousy product.

So you are telling, Mr. Fujita, that those season-ticket holders, wouldn’t want to swap those two meaningless games, for two meaningful ones, at the same cost.

Of course many of them would.

So while an 18-game season isn’t great for the players, I’m tired of hearing that the fans are against it.

I’m sure there are fans against it, but I’m sure there are many season-ticket holders who would be for it.

That is just common sense.