The premise of Manish’s sources not preposterous Dan Leberfeld

I know a lot of people don’t like unnamed sources, but in a way, the theme of Manish Mehta’s story today on Rex Ryan has a little merit.

“The Daily News has learned that Ryan, the swashbuckling point man who dominated the headlines for the past four seasons, has intimated to ‘anyone who will listen’ that he would be better off getting fired if Johnson isn’t willing to rectify player personnel and coaching issues on offense, according to sources,” wrote Mehta for today’s Daily News.

While Ryan distanced himself from the story, and likely isn’t going anywhere, the premise of the story made a scintilla of sense.

If the Jets don’t tweak the offense, and fix some of the player personnel issues, Rex might be better off getting fired, collecting the $6 million owed, and getting out of Florham Park.

Because if these problems aren’t dealt with, Rex’s Jets are probably going to have another bad season in 2013.

By somebody putting it out there, it puts extra pressure on Woody Johnson to get these things fixed.

Hey, maybe Johnson was going to get this stuff done anyway, so it wasn’t necessary.

Perhaps a friend or two of Rex, the people behind the unnamed quotes, were actually trying to help the coach by putting public pressure on management to help the coach out.

Look, I’m not condoning the leaks in the building.

But the premise of the unnamed people in the article made some sense – if Woody isn’t willing to spend what it takes to fix the current mess, maybe Rex would be better off getting out of Dodge.

This could end up being a win-win for Rex.

He did a great job today in his presser expressing how much he wants to stay.

And by those problems having a brighter light shined on them, they are more apt to get fixed.