Can you wear a “dunce hat” when you are 0-0? Dan Leberfeld

Mike Westhoff is a very wise man, but here is the issue with what he said.

Westhoff was asked by about what’s going on with the Jets. Recently, new coach Adam Gase pulled off a successful coup d’état leading to the ouster of Jets GM Mike Macccagnan. Gase is now the interim GM until the Jets find a replacement for Maccagnan.

Westhoff told the Jets are now wearing the “dunce hat” in New York.

“It’s almost like the Giants were wearing the dunce hat in the city, and all of a sudden, the Jets came along and took it,” Westhoff said.

A fair question would be – “What is an off-season dunce hat?”

The Giants got destroyed by some fans and reporters for moves like trading WR Odell Beckham to Cleveland and drafting QB Daniel Jones sixth overall this off-season.

Do any of us know how those moves are going to turn out? So why where they supposedly wearing a “dunce hat” before the Jets this off-season.

Even though Gase’s coup against a man who helped get him the job is a terrible optic, nobody knows what kind of job he will do as Jets coach.

And Westhoff kind of admitted to that he doesn’t know what kind of job Gase will do.

“I’m not knocked out on the guy,” Westhoff said. “What do you want me to say? I don’t know everything there is to know about him, but what I do know, I’m not knocked out. Maybe he’ll be fine. Maybe he is a heck of a coach.”

So with that being said, how can the Jets become the off-season dunces before they’ve played one game in 2019?

This isn’t a defense of Gase’s nefarious coup d’état, but just dealing with the reality that none of us can see the future.


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