You need a special player at this position – Do the Jets have one? Dan Leberfeld

We have heard this same cliche mantra over and over, but this year’s Super Bowl match-up proves it once again.

“The NFL is a QB-driven league.”

And in this season’s Super Bowl, you have two of the NFL’s top three quarterbacks from this season squaring off – Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady.

The top three guy from this season not in the game is Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, who lost to Brady’s Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game.

One thing those elite guys can do, like Mahomes, Brady and Rodgers, is read defenses on a high level. They’re also full field readers and can throw with great anticipation.

That last part is huge, and a lot of young quarterbacks don’t do that enough. NFL throwing windows are often so small, you often have to get rid of the ball when your receiver is hitting his break. Too many young quarterbacks wait to see the receiver flash wide open, and then try to throw a rocket. It’s hard to have consistent success doing this because on too many plays receivers aren’t flashing wide open, and you need to throw with anticipation.

The moral of this story is if you don’t have an elite quarterback, your chances of playing on the final Sunday of the NFL season, aren’t great. Once a while a team with a pedestrian QB sneaks in, but it doesn’t happen that often.


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