The unnamed players did Jets a favor Dan Leberfeld

While the Jets need to put an end to unnamed players (and coaches and executives) ripping Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes or any one else on the team, the anonymous individuals also did Jets management a favor.

Perhaps, it’ll make them wake up, and deal with these two players differently, moving forward.

It’s easy to kill the messenger here, but the messages are important.

First off, make Sanchez more accountable. Make him take a paycut, don’t be afraid to pull him next year if he’s playing poorly and don’t coddle him (with the media and trying to get fans to stop booing him). It’s time for some tough love.

As for Holmes, the unnamed sources represent the feelings of others in the locker room and building in Florham Park – many people are fed up with his attitude, and releasing him shouldn’t be out of the question.

So while so many of us are trashing the unnamed individuals for what they did, and rightfully so, their messages need to be heard.