The X-Factor at quarterback in draft Dan Leberfeld

Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson had a rough senior year, and that hurt his draft stock a little.

But don’t sleep on his player. He could turn out to be a steal for the team that takes him, perhaps in the middle of the draft.

“He’s the forgotten man in this quarterback class now,” said ESPN’s Mel Kiper. “It’s amazing. He went into the year, you thought maybe late first round, early second round, then all of a sudden kind of the wheels came off of the program. You think about with Petrino gone and obviously a lot of changes, three receivers moved on to the NFL, you had the injury with (Chris) Gragg at tight end, the offensive line issues continued. All of a sudden then you had (Knile) Davis didn’t play as well as you thought he would. He’s obviously had a lot of injury issues at Arkansas, the running back, and then Tyler Wilson had the injury early on.

“He’s a tough kid. He looks down that gun barrel, he makes some very difficult throws. He’s the kind of kid if he slides, becomes a value pick, a nice pick, and if he gets into the third, fourth round mix, then there’s a kid who at one point if things would have fallen right could have been a first round pick and I don’t think anybody could have argued with it.”