If you don’t think they’ll argue, you’re delusional Dan Leberfeld

Board room arguments over personnel decisions have been going in on pro football since the league started in 1920.

It’s the nature of the beast.

General managers and coaches often don’t see eye-to-eye on certain players.

There’s reportedly already been some strife between Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Adam Gase behind the scenes.

There will be more.

And wait until they have to cut down from 90 to 53 in the summer. That could get real ugly.

Gase reportedly ripped into Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at the end of his coaching tenure in Miami.

He clearly has a temper. Hey, so do I. A lot of us do.

But if Gase is willing to get in the face of Ross, you don’t think he’s going to go after Maccagnan at times over player decisions? Remember, Mr. Coffee has final say on the draft and 53-man roster based on the Jets’ corporate structure. If you don’t think this will bother Gase at times, you’re kidding yourself.

So maybe they have had fights.

And you know what, get used to it.


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