There is no Hackenberg mystery! Dan Leberfeld

Headline – “Why are Jets fueling the mystery around Christian Hackenberg?”

What mystery?

He’s a project quarterback who is going to need a couple of years to fix his mechanics. He’s not going to be repaired this summer.

“It’s hard to change guys completely mechanically in a preseason situation like this,” Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey said recently. “You let him do what got him here, and then you take a full off-season if you think there needs to be some changes and that’s where you implement real changes if you think it’s necessary.

“I think that in general it takes thousands of reps to change a habit. So if you’re going to change a habit you need thousands of off-season reps. You don’t need a few hundred throws a week. That’s a big difference.”

So why are some people obsessed with him playing this preseason?

Chill out.

The Jets believe that since he’s still a very young quarterback (21), that with some really solid coaching from Gailey and QB coach Kevin Patullo over the next couple of years, they will have something down the road.

“We feel we got a good player and we’re going to work on him being a better player,” Todd Bowles said after the draft. “He has tools to work with.”

Right now they need to decide who their #2 QB is going to be – Geno Smith or Bryce Petty, so it’s more important for those two to see extensive preseason game action, not Hackenberg.

Will Hackenberg play in the third or fourth preseason games? Maybe.

But if he doesn’t, it’s not a big deal.

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