There was nothing wrong with Marty’s run-pass ratio in Detroit Dan Leberfeld

Wilkes-Barre – The Jets need a more balanced run-pass ration in the opinion of Santonio Holmes.

In the Jets’ first preseason game, a loss to the Detroit Lions, the Jets threw 39 times, and ran 16 times.

“At this point we’ve only seen one game and it was very unbalanced as a pass-to-run ratio,” Holmes said. “So we would like to have a more balanced offense and just continue attacking down the field as much as possible. “

Considering the Jets are conducting a quarterback competition, why is is a bad thing to throw a lot more in the first preseason game?

After all, if you are going to judge the quarterbacks, don’t you want to see them throw?

Plus, the Jets were a little banged up at running back in that game.

So considering the circumstances, Marty’s run-pass ratio in Detroit was fine.