This Bowles statement ends QB confusion Dan Leberfeld

There was some confusion over the last week regarding the Jets’ QB landscape.

Is there a competition on the horizon between Geno Smith and Ryan Fitpatrick, or isn’t there?

Jets coach Todd Bowles, and his offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, didn’t exactly say the same thing publicly on the topic.

Hey, they haven’t worked together that long, and are still getting on the same page.

But Bowles, who provides more steak than sizzle in his quotes, which in my mind is a good thing, pretty much summed up the state of affairs today when he said, “In Chan’s mind, with (Ryan) Fitzpatrick being hurt and Bryce (Petty) just coming in, there was no competition, but come camp time there will be competition at the spot.”

As they like to say on the game show Family Feud, “Good answer, good answer.”

It really is.

That answer clear things up a great deal.

Instead of tap-dancing around and spinning, Bowles came out and explained things with blunt clarity.

And for that he deserves credit.