This has to be the Jets’ rebuilding strategy, don’t you think? Dan Leberfeld

These three words should be the mantra for the Jets’ rebuild under Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh:

“Draft, develop, re-sign.”

In other words, draft well, develop the heck out of those players, and if they realize their potential, re-sign them when their rookie deals are up.

That’s best way to build a team.

No more quick fixes, where you break the bank on free agents, who, in some cases, don’t even want to be with the team, but couldn’t turn down the largesse of the contract. There are a few glaring examples of that in recent Jets history.

Now this doesn’t mean you avoid signing free agents. Of course you add a few here and there, but don’t spend recklessly, and don’t expect that to be the driving force behind building a champion.

It’s time for the Jets to build this thing the right way – “Draft, develop, re-sign.”

And you get the sense Douglas and Saleh know this.


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