This is a big decision for Marty Mornhinweg Dan Leberfeld

Ithaca – When the Jets pick their starting quarterback, the team’s offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, is going to have a big say in the decision.

Mornhinweg needs to push for the right guy – don’t play politics and tell the Jets’ brass want he thinks they want to hear.

Push for the player who he thinks give the team the best chance to win.

Because if Mornhinweg wants to be a head coach again, he’s got to do a really good job with the Jets’ offense.

And last time I checked, it’s pretty hard to make an offense shine with pedestrian or substandard quarterback play.

Mornhinweg certainly learned that lesson when he was the head coach of the Detroit Lions, and his quarterback position was a ball-and-chain around his ankle.