This is a dangerous mindset for a QB Dan Leberfeld

On Wednesday, Mark Sanchez was asked about getting Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason more involved in the passing offense.

“‘Tone (Santonio Holmes) and Dustin (Keller) got a bunch of catches early with LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) and Plax (Burress) and Mase (Derrick Mason) are kind of sitting over there, like ‘Man, they brought us in here…’ There’s all of this stuff going on,” Sanchez said. “They’re excited for the game, and they’re gamers, they’re competitive, and they’re just like, ‘Man…’ So, I made a point to go over and tell them both, ‘Hang with me. I’ll get you the rock. Don’t worry. Just keep running the routes. Stay sharp. Trust me, I will throw you the ball. It will happen.’ Thank God it did, they would’ve been mad (laughing). It was good. They showed poise. They stayed into the game.”

Worrying about appeasing certain receivers is never a good mindset for a quarterback.

It’s probably better to throw to the open player, no matter who he is, and not worry about getting certain players “the rock.”

Sanchez said during the summer he wasn’t going to force it to receivers to make them happy.

But now it looks like he might be changing his philosophy.